Laura Gardiner and the Oasby Music Group

Violin, Viola & Music Theory Tuition near Grantham, Lincolnshire. The Oasby Music Group -ensembles, workshops and concerts.

Tel. 07515 882901

Email. laur[email protected]


Sudbrook, Grantham, NG32 3SA

Lessons Information

Instrument Hire

For budding young violinists/violists, there is the option of hiring an instrument to get you started. Currently, Laura has instruments from 1/8 size to full size available to rent. If you are interested in hiring an instrument, please ask about the options available to you.


To find out more about costs, please contact Laura by email or phone. Various payment options are available. Lesson fees from £15 for 30 mins.


The Oasby Music Group

Playing together is a important part of a child's musical journey. Every month, the Oasby Music Group string ensembles meet to rehearse together and the younger players also take part in musicianship group lessons.


Currently, we have 14 ensembles:

Semiquavers - beginners and grade 1 strings

Quavers - grade 2-5 strings

Dotted Quavers - grade 3-5 strings

Crotchets - grade 4-7 strings

Minims - grade 7+ strings

Presto String Quartet

Dolce Violin Quartet

Brio Trio

Arioso String Quintet

Vivo Trio

Anima Trio

Vivace String Quartet

Cantabile Violin Quartet

Giocoso String Quartet


For more information, go to Oasby Music Group




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